Welcome to some video clips from Sally's "Bluebird" collections, her New "Sea Bird" collections, and most of all, her "Garden Variety" collections.  Hope you enjoy the videos as much as I did making them.   We tried very hard to to make a speical set of gardens and speical habitat for Bluebirds and many other small birds in our gardens over the years.  We have videos and pictures of all our friends, espeically butterflies, and the flora and fauna they love on other areas on this site.  Please check out some of my childrens books inspired by all of the inhabitants of our gardens and now by the Gulf Of Mexico.


Don't forget. You can change the resolution to much higher resolutions (HD) by clicking on the buttom of the video screen were the tool symbol is.


 Here are some of the "Sea Bird" videos In New Port Richey, Florida.

Here are some really GREAT "Garden Variety" videos from the gardens!

The Gold Finches are on their yearly migration North, and they have learned to stop over and fatten up on the way over the years.  The finches stay about a month and eat over 300 pounds of sun flower seeds before continuing on their journey North.  Sometimes we have up to 200 of them eating at any one time in the bird bars.  We love them, and will miss them along with our favorite Wrens, over 70 Cardinals that lived with us year round and the Doves and wiley Woodpeckers.......  We were so very lucky to have cultivated such a great family.  We raised tons of Cardinals and would often have as many as 50 of them on the bird feeders at one time.  The Cardinals, Doves and Wrens stayed all year long. Even many of the Bees migrated along with the Gold Finches, Bluebirds, and Hummingbirds. The gardens were all cultivated especially for Bees, Butterflies and Hummingbirds.  It took many years to start and constantly transplant all of the cuttings for them.  We often saw the same Hummingbirds back each year from their migrations.  Of course we were always shure we saw some of the same ole Gold Finches too. We were always certain about the same ole Bluebirds and their babies from last year. Hope you enjoy the "Garden Variety" videos. There will be several montages of still pictures to come on seperate pages..  Stay tuned and thanks for coming..