Welcome to the Bluebird Gallery of Photgraphs.

 You will notice that there are 4 other Galleries too. If you would like to see some interesting pictures of lots of other great birds, butterflies, and flora from the gardens other than the bluebirds, then go a take a look.  There is even a Gulf Sea Birds Gallery with Audio recordings by Sally on each page to help describe what you are seeing and some interesting stories as well.  Some of the pictures from her two childrens books canbe found in these galleries.  Have Fun..  


Bluebirds, Cardinals, Wrens, Dovies, Hummers, Gold Finches, Wood Peckers, Black Hooded Chickadees, Titmice (or is it Titmeeces, HA!), Butterflies and Bees, Flora and Funa, Sea Birds, Misc.

Other Galleries:  All Birds 1     All Birds 2     Butterflies/Flora     Gulf Sea Birds


Here are the BlueBirds

A few Words form  Sally on her Bluebirds Audio Recording go Here