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You probably found us because you own the book, "Sally's Bluebirds of Happiness" and after going to the videos in the back of the book you found my web site address.  For those of you who happened upon us through other ways, we are very happy to have you on board. Thanks so much for coming! We love what we do here and hope you enjoy your time with us. 

We also hope you are going to find much more than you ever thought here at Sally's Bluebirds and that you will take lots of time to peruse all of the different things that are available to you.  Most of all, go visit the "Video" area for lots of video clips of the Bluebirds, Gardens Birds, and the new "Sea Birds" section.

Of course there is an extensive section of photographs in the "Photography" area of all of the birds and a special section on our Butterflies and fona.  There are hundreds of great pictures that took years to assemble right in our own backyard and now by the sea.  

Sally's Bluebirds was written expressly as a naturalist children's book about the bluebirds and gardens in our back yard.  All of the gardens, flora, feeders, bird houses and plants were expressly cultivated and built for all of the birds, butterflies, hummers, and honey bees that you are about to see here.  We are most grateful and very happy at the tremendous response we have recieved from "Sally's Bluebirds of Happiness" and "Dr. Bill's Backyard". 




 blueb12Sally is also adding another children's book, "Dr. Bill's Backyard", to go along with "Sally's Bluebirds of Happiness". 

Check storkey1 under "Books" for the latest editions.   Most importantly, Sally is adding much more than just her bluebirds to this site.  All of the things found in "Dr. Bill's Backyard" are also being added along with all of the "Sea Birds" and "Sea Creatures" found in our new backyard here on the Gulf Coast of Florida. 

There are lots of Videos and still shots under the "Video" and "Photograpy" menus up on the top right of this page. 

Please come again soon as we are constructing daily and feel free to "Contact Sally" and leave her a note.

Thanks for stopping.  Watch some of the 3 catagories of "Videos" while we work.

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